What is Sticker? Edit

Sticker is a JIRA add-on that provides a simply way to create a sticky-note for yourself or your colleague without being distracted by your other tasks in Jira. All of your colleagues are already in your contact list.

Getting started  Edit


Sticker plugin is available at the right border of any JIRA page. To open it just click on button.

Nothing is easier than a creation of a new sticky-note. To create a Sticker just follow those steps:

  1. Open Sticker plugin
  2. Click on "+" button in the left top corner
  3. Search and select a user(s) whom you are going to post a sticky-note. Or click "Me" button
  4. Add text notes
  5. Click on "Create" button

And Sticker will be on the recipient's wall.

Find your place Edit

You are able to move Sticker panel on any place along left or right page borders. Just drag-and-drop it there!